Flexible Material

Rubber as a construction material is flexible - in more ways than one. There are many different types of rubber with distinctive characteristics:

Durability against weather, ozone, gases, chemicals and oils, mechanical characteristics such as durability, damping, stretching, hardness and impact resistance, heat resistance, temperature sensitivity and diffusion resistance, to name a few.

Our expertise of different characteristics together with the right choice of materials, determines the function and durability for your product.

Work Process

From problem description and specification requirements to solution and delivery, we work in a systematic and experience-based way. All in order to find the most cost-effective solution for our customers.

Test facility for ultimate tensile &
deformation capacity

To ensure quality and function of both the customer’s and our products, we have an advanced test facility for rubber-based dampers.

• Test of progress for ultimate tensile and/or deformation capacity
• Test during problem analysis of the customer’s existing damper solutions
• Comparison test between the customer’s existing damper and new damper
• Random test of a certain number of dampers to ensure consistent quality

Tensile strength testing

Deformation capacity testing

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