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Rubber is a material that can be manufactured with very high precision. The smallest detail we have manufactured, a suction cup, has a weight of 0,014 grams and a height of 3 mm. This requires a sophisticated and modern production facility combined with skilled employees. View our special solutions.

About Swerub

Swerub AB manufacture rubber products for many areas of use. Everything from small series down to single pieces and up to serial production. The company has two production facilities in Värmland, Sweden; one in Sunne and one in Ekshärad. We are a stable and profitable family business with many years of experience within our industry.

Our customers can be found in many countries, in small businesses’ as well as large corporations. We are at the forefront of the Swedish market for advanced specialty- manufactured products.
View examples of our special solutions.
We also have a large offering of standard components in stock for fast delivery. View our Product catalogue


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