What design problems do you have?

We are the designers problem solver. Our experience, creativity and ability to innovate pushes the limits for rubber as a construction material. Read more about how we work.


We understand rubber and its properties, how to construct and fabricate the most optimal solution for our costumers. The only limit is the imagination, which we have enough of for all possible types of businesses. View our examples of a variety of different special solutions.

Swerub Inside

Our rubber-based products are usually located internally. Not always, but they should in any case not be noticeable. Our solutions, standard or special should only serve their purpose - to make sure that your construction works properly and without issue.


To make your construction-work simpler you can download 2- or 3-dimensional CAD models for all our standard products. You choose the file format which suits your CAD system best. View our CAD models.

Swerub Fjong

Our rubber straps with extra long durability in different makes.
View our collection of rubber straps


We are eager to achieve all of the industries requirements on quality and sustainability. All of our certificates, policy documents and useful information is available digitally.
To our certificates and policy documents.